Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Benefits and Perks - China Style

This is a recent article from the China Solved Blog; it discusses ways in which a company can structure itself to be a friendlier environment to those Chinese employees who work there. it cites a few of the major issues and how they could be resolved.

To be a successful China manager you must figure out a way to get your best people to turn down better job offers – on a fairly regular basis. If you are JP Morgan or Citibank, then you might be able to play the ‘prestige’ card. But what if you are a small startup or SME that doesn’t have huge brand-name recognition?

The fact is that in the US, Britain, Australia and Japan, boozing it up with the colleagues is often considered a legitimate part of office life – and most experienced managers know it. But in China that doesn’t work as well. Young Chinese don’t drink the same way as young westerners, and while the prospect of teaching them to do so may appeal to YOU, local colleagues might not share your enthusiasm.

Instead of making half-hearted attempts to get your Chinese staff to join you and your middle-aged white-guy pals at the Long Bar, try some different approaches to team building that stand a better chance of success in the Chinese work environment.

At the office:
-Snacks & soft-drinks (probably the most bang-for-your buck of anything on the list. Don’t underestimate it.)
-Ayis that cook lunch (preferably ones that actually know how to cook)
-Weekly group lunches at restaurants (Location decided by vote or some other form of non-boss decision-making)
-Communal areas at the office – couches, NICE lunchrooms, open conference rooms
-Think about the Ping-Pong table. You might not like the idea, but your colleagues will.

Professional development:
-Training & Classes
-Language class
-Career coaching
-Membership to professional organizations
-Outside networking events and business functions

-Wine tasting
-Golf lessons (possibly at a driving range)
-Rock climbing
-Paintball Trips
-The dreaded KTV

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